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Mr. Poetzscher the Uber Head of Corporate Development

February 14, 2016
Cameron Poetzscher acquired over 17 years of experience in global investment banking when he worked at Goldman Sachs before joining Uber as the Head of Corporate Development. His duties involved advising some of the sophisticated clients in high profile and complex M&A transactions, IPOs, and other financial issues across five continents.

Mr. Poetzscher is a Harvard and University of Queensland graduate. He is married to Varsha Rajendra Rao, University of Pennsylvania graduate, and together they work in New York City where the wife serves at McKinsey & Company as Associate Consultant, and he has worked in various companies including Uber, and Goldman Sachs and TMT GROUP both as Managing Director. Before working at Goldman Sachs, he got a distinction in MBA at Harvard and served for a year at the HBS Faculty of Finance.

Cameron Poetzscher has dealt with cultural and structural complexities involving cross-border transactions gaining priceless international experience. He has also worked on various deals in China, Latin America, SE Asia, Japan, India, Australia and Europe. He is a proficient deal making executive with the analytical style of problem-solving. His career has centered around media, telecom and technology space focusing on entertainment and the internet. Among the companies he has rendered his services include financial, natural resources, healthcare, and real estate. In Australia, Cameron Poetzscher worked at Booz & Co as a consultant majoring on marketing optimization, sales force, and forecasting.
Cameron Poetzscher has a wealth of international business experience. That includes dealing with structural and cultural complexities of crossborder transactions. His experience ranges outside of the United States, including working on deals in India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. Cameron Poetzscher earned his Masters of Business Administration, graduating with distinction from Harvard Business School.